The Alberta Bakken oil pool at Ferguson, Granite’s primary asset, holds an estimated total of 479 million boe of petroleum initially in place*. Of that amount, less than 1 percent had been produced upon Granite’s founding in May 2015 and only 17 million boe was booked as proved plus probable reserves.

*According to third-party resource estimate by Sproule Associates Ltd. as at July 2012. Estimate comprised 222.1 million boe of discovered petroleum initially-in-place and 257.1 million boe of undiscovered petroleum initially-in-place.

Granite’s well-established gas reinjection program at Ferguson is achieving an annual pool-wide production decline of only 22 percent – creating a low-risk production base well-suited to the current low-commodity-price, capital-constrained environment.

Low production decline enables Granite to sustain its overall corporate volumes plus achieve 12 percent annual production growth with only 10 new horizontal wells per year. This generates significant free cash flow even at current commodity prices.

Granite’s stable production, low capital requirements and solid cash flow support a sustainable dividend. Granite’s dividend is based on the strengths of the Company’s producing asset.

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Granite owns and operates a 30-mile-long fairway producing oil from the Alberta Bakken. The heart of the pool is under gas injection enhanced oil recovery, with a long-term development and infill drilling inventory.

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